Wicked Wonders

A rebellious child identifies with Maleficent instead of Sleeping Beauty. Best friends Anna and Corry share one last morning on Earth. A solitary woman inherits a penny arcade haunted by a beautiful stranger. A prep-school student requires more than luck when playing dice with a faerie. Ladies who lunch—dividing one last bite of dessert—delve into new dimensions of quantum politeness. At summer camp, a young girl discovers the heartbreak of forbidden love.

Whether on a habitat on Mars or in a boardinghouse in London, discover Ellen Klages’ wicked, wondrous adventures full of cheeky wit, empathy, and courage.

Praise for Wicked Wonders

“Magical stories unfurl with marvelous subtlety in this delightful collection from Klages (The Green Glass Sea).”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Delightful. Disturbing. Delicious. And always, her prose is gorgeous. Klages is one of my favourite authors.”
—Nalo Hopkinson, author of The Salt Roads and Falling in Love with Hominids

“Every time you think you know where an Ellen Klages story is going, she pulls another fast one. Wicked Wonders is fancy in every sense of the word.”
—Charlie Jane Anders, author of All the Birds in the Sky

“Recaptures some of the innocence and enchantment of childhood, in a series of tales by turn evocative, romantic and poignant . . . In Klages’s fictional worlds, girls and women have the power to direct their lives, save others and, using mathematics and physics, push the boundaries of what is possible.”
The Idle Woman

“If you enjoy strong or subversive female protagonists in speculative fiction, this collection is for you!”
Read Well Reviews

“A shimmering cornucopia of language, emotion, and surprises rich with meaning.  No one gives us the terrible innocence and longings of childhood better than Ellen Klages. These stories are fabulous, in every sense of that multi-faceted word.”
—Nancy Kress, author of After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall

“The stories collected in Ellen Klages’Wicked Wondersare the best kind: ones that deliver charm and delight the first time, then open further and compound their meanings on each consecutive read. As I devoured the collection, I kept saying, ‘This one is my favorite. No. This one.’ And then I turned the page to find even more . . . A fantastic achievement.”
—Fran Wilde, award-winning author of Cloudbound and Horizon

Wicked Wonders will realign disparate parts of your heart into quantum sympathy. Read it. Read it now.”
—William Alexander, National Book Award-winning author of Goblin Secrets

 “Stunning. She draws your eye to the waves at the shore then gathers the tide behind your back. Bradbury, Dahl, Jackson? No—simply incomparable Klages.”
—Karen Lord, author of The Galaxy Game and The Best of All Possible Worlds

“Whenever I start to read a new story by the incomparable Ellen Klages, I feel as if I’m on the edge of my seat in the front row of the theater: keen-eyed and determined, this time, to pay close attention to the entire performance and figure out how she does it. I never do figure it out—her hands are too quick, too deft, and she seems to be everywhere at once . But that’s OK, the magic happens anyway, and bits of it still glitter on my shoulders as I re-enter my life, dazed and exhilarated, wiser and richer for the experience.”
—Andy Duncan, author of The Night Cache and The Pottawatomie Giant

“Smart, often funny, and satisfyingly strange, these wicked stories will delight.”
—Jenny Blackford, author of Duties to my Cat and The Princess and the Slave

“Hugely enjoyable.”
The Booklover’s Boudoir

All of these stories have a strange little bend in them but the magic isn’t overwhelming, they are ‘curiouser and curiouser’ still.”

About the author

Ellen Klages is the acclaimed author of the Scott O’Dell Award-winner, The Green Glass Sea, and White Sands, Red Menace, which won the California and New Mexico Book awards. Her short fiction, previously collected in the World Fantasy Award-nominated Portable Childhoods, has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies, and has been translated into more than seven languages and republished worldwide. A graduate from the Second City’s infamous Improv Program, Klages also holds a degree in philosophy, which led to many randomly-alliterative jobs such as proofreader, photographer, painter, and pinball arcade manager. She lives in San Francisco, in a small house full of strange and wondrous things.

About the author of the introduction

Karen Joy Fowler is the author of twelve novels and fiction collections, including the New York Times bestsellers The Jane Austen Book Club and We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves. She is the recipient of the PEN/Faulkner, World Fantasy, and Nebula Awards, as well as the Commonwealth Medal and the International Fiction Prize. Fowler lives in Santa Cruz, California.

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