VAT Update – Closed to EU Orders


You may have seen our announcement recently about having to close to orders from the UK due to VAT. Unfortunately things on that front are getting worse not better; new EU VAT rules, which took effect July 1st, require all businesses to collect, record, report and pay value-added tax on sales to customers within the EU, even on virtual goods like ebooks. This, unfortunately, is prohibitive for us. So users in the EU will no longer be able to complete orders with us. We are very sorry about this.

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  1. Tom Clegg says:


    I’ve just read your announcement about VAT in the EU. I am a resident in France so I’m concerned. How will this affect my (many) existing subscriptions via Weightless Books? Should I stop renewing them as of now?

    Yours sincerely,
    Tom Clegg

    • Michael says:

      We’ll continue sending issues until your current subscriptions run out, but after that, you’ll be unable to renew.

  2. datcha says:

    Do you mean the management of the tax is prohibitive, becase it is country based ?
    Don’t you have the same VAT problem with Canada ?

  3. datcha says:

    Hi Michael
    I do not read everything on site.
    I realized there was a problem when I tried to pay my purchase and got hung in the middle of the Paypal payment process, without proper information. It took me some time, and a bit of experimenting, to discover your VAT closing. Why not block and give an explicit explanation (plus email) before we begin the payment process? It would be kinder.
    Best regards

    • Michael says:

      Bernard, you’re right, we should make this clearer. Sorry for the frustration! I’m working on it. Unfortunately, thus far we can’t tell what country you’re in until you log into PayPal at checkout.

  4. kcara says:

    This should not affect residents of US/Canada buying gifts for EU residents since the payment is made in US/Canada, right?

  5. datcha says:

    I do have a Canadian friend and colleague who wishes to order a subscription as a gift for me. Can he do that so that the books/magazines are added to my existing library on ?

  6. tocy777 says:

    Ahhhh crud :( would a US Paypal go through though?

    • Gavin says:

      I believe that would work. (Sorry about all this — one of the enjoyable parts of this tiny endeavour is the broad reach.)

  7. tocy777 says:

    Sorry forgot to get back to you, tried to pay with VPN on with a US Paypal account, still got blocked so now I am looking into getting hold of a friendly non-EU/UK fellow to help me purchasing zines, since the downloading still works I think I will be able to figure out something…first time I don’t like that I am part of the EU lol

  8. julianw55 says:

    To be clear: This means that you cannot accept any orders for UK/EU customers?

  9. Owen says:

    I don’t mind saying — I’m furious. My fresh issue of Clarkesworld was one of the things I most looked forward to each month. Nor is it the kind of thing you can simply get from another source. I realise, of course, that the changes are not your fault, but that doesn’t make it any less maddening. Isn’t it wonderful, this political/financial system that allows us to have a single shirt-button shipped to our doors from China, but prevents us from paying for an e-book? Is there any hope in sight? Any plan? Or has half of Europe simply lost access to Clarkesworld forever? I’ve been reading it for at least six years, and this news has most definitely ruined my day.

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