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Readercon, from the brief moment I was there, was pretty good. It was a bit discombobulating to see so many people in one place. Did not see Nalo, but did talk about her books some which is a segue, see, as, look, here’s a new one from PM Press: Report from Planet Midnight. Also this week: lots of new books from Prime Books—will Paula Guran publish more anthologies than John Joseph Adams? Surely not!

Also, Maureen F. McHugh’s After the ApocalypseElizabeth Hand, Kelly Link, and Mary Rickert (et al) and picked up Shirley Jackson Awards. How awesome. Sorry we weren’t at the awards ceremony. Also: Maureen (and Patricia McKillip) are Guests of Honor next year at Readercon: yay!

That’s it for this week. I am in Seattle (with Kelly) teaching Clarion West and there is time to read one more story, then sleeep! Tomorrow night we go read at the excellent University Bookstore and on Wednesday we get to meet up with Nicole Kimberling, aka, the publisher of Blind Eye Books. Yay!

ETA: Yanked this from Maureen’s twitter (from here) as it is just plain exciting:

Yo! Grammar Girl here.
I have grammar news about the word yo this week.
Yo as a Pronoun
The grammar news is that Dr. Elaine Stotko, from the School of Education at Johns Hopkins University, and her student, Margaret Troyer, have discovered that school children in Baltimore are using the slang word yo as a gender-neutral singular pronoun

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