Which Model for Ebook Subscription Sites

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I’m a big fan of ebook subscriptions and I can see that ebook serial fiction is a huge and growing part of reading — I swear half of the NYTimes bestseller list is usually serial mysteries — and I’m curious about how ebook subscription services such as Oyster will do. (Weightless has no plans in this arena!)

The elephant in the room is licensing. I use Netflix streaming and half the time I look for something, it’s not there. Which doesn’t exactly encourage me to go back. As I understand it, movies disappear because the movie studios would like a higher payment from Netflix and Netflix are stuck, because if they pay one studio more, then all the rest will be clamoring for higher payments.

So while Spotify and iTunes Radio and so on seem to be very well, it does make me wonder which way ebook subscription services will fall out: movies (limited selection, things come and go) or music (even the old standouts sign up eventually)? I figure by the end of the year, we’ll have a pretty good idea!


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