What I Didn’t See + Unicorns! Pegasus! Kittens!

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Today we’re very happy to release the ebook of Karen Joy Fowler’s awesome new collection What I Didn’t See and Other Stories. Karen’s stories are some of the best you’ll read in any genre: science fiction, fiction, historical, alternate history, fantasy. . . . Two of the stories here received Nebula Awards and “The Pelican Bar” received the Shirley Jackson Award. It’s a subtle and stunning collection and I think this might be the first site the ebook is available on (I’m probably wrong!). Hope you enjoy it!

We’ve been working away on a few things trying to see how we can bring lots of presses on without us having to put in more than the occasional afternoon every three or four weeks (come on, it’s publishing, we’ve got tea to sip and deep obscure novels to flash around coffeeshops).

And: we’ve been talking to Blind Eye Books about making 2011 the Year of Ginn Hale and being able to publish something new every month. It will be gobsmacking! All will be revealed later this fall. It will be huge! A rift will form in space time! (At least in yours and ours!)

The new Red Issue of Fairy Tale Review is coming soon. We also need to add Michael’s (et al) Homeless Moon chapbooks. There are more magazines to bring on board. Still working on electronic subscriptions—anyone who has a good fix for this, feel free to email us!

I remembered a story that Kelly and I published a while ago, “Sea, Ship, Mountain, Sky” in Altair, that I doubt will ever end up in any book (besides The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror) so we’ll probably put it up here as an ebook. That will be an interesting experiment to see if we should do more of that sort of thing. What do you think the price should be?

In the meantime there are Unicorns! Pegasus! Kittens! What does it mean? I have no idea! But you should go here (check out this url: http://unicornpegasuskitten.com!) and download the DRM-free completely free ebook with stories from Wil Wheaton, John Scalzi, Cat Valente, Rachel Swirsky, and many others. The book is free but please consider making a donation as it’s a fundraiser for the benefit of the Michigan/Indiana affiliate of the Lupus Alliance of America. You can also donate and get a tax receipt for it here on Gretchen Schafer’s donation page.

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