Welcoming Space & Time

Happy New Year!

Our Kick Out the Old Year sale was a huge success—everyone around here was kept on their toes. We also let it run into the new year mostly because at midnight neither Michael nor I wanted to be bothering with the website—which made a bunch of late-night readers happy. Especially those who were gifted ebooks . . . 

Space and Time Magazine Issue #115 cover - click to view full size

So now it is 2012 and we are welcoming our first new publisher: Space and Time, a quarterly fantasy, horror, and science fiction magazine first published in 1966 by Gordon Linzner. Space and Time has been continuously published under the same name for 45 years(!). Each issue contains original short fiction and poetry fiction from up-and-coming and established authors, as well as nonfiction articles, interviews, and artwork, and 4-issue subscriptions are only $10.

We added a few new books, Maurice Broaddus’s huge anthology Dark Faith (from Apex) and two debut novels, Jameson Currier’s Where the Rainbow Ends and Ayize Jama-Everett’s The Liminal People, no doubt helped by the first three chapters being up on sbp.com.

Bestselling star editor John Joseph Adams is now the head honcho of Lightspeed Magazine. To celebrate, he’s released a free ebook: Lightspeed Magazine, 2012 Ebook Sampler, which is available in the usual epub and mobi formats.

Magazines are very successful on Weightless and we appreciate you all coming back again and again. These are, er, interesting times for publishers of all stripes and we’re intent on creating a strong, independent space online where readers can find great books, no matter what flavor their ereader. 2012: year of fun, here we come!

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