Welcoming Electric Velocipede

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Electric Velocipede 21/22 cover - click to view full sizeWe’ve been looking forward to adding John Klima (et al’s!) zine Electric Velocipede and are so happy to announce: here it is! The first ebook we’re adding is the current issue, #21/22, a huge double issue that includes many Weightless faves such as Genevieve ValentinePeter M. Ball, and many more.

One of the things I really like about this site is that when I read a great short story by someone, say Genevieve Valentine or Jay Lake, with one click I can usually find a few more stories by them. As we add more magazines, this feature is only going to get richer.

Japanese Dreams: Fantasies, Fictions and Fairytales, edited by Sean Wallace, another new addition, is a good example as it has fiction from these writers, all of whom you can check out more stories by: Catherynne M. ValenteEkaterina Sedia,Erzebet YellowboyEugie FosterJay LakeLisa MantchevRichard ParksSean Wallace,Steve Berman, and Yoon Ha Lee.

Of course the big news this week has been the giveaways: Jeff VanderMeer’s Secret Lives limited edition giveaway) has been flying off the shelf and the Lightspeed & Fantasy Subscription Drive has proved exceedingly popular. Please do spread the word as the more subscriptions there are, the more prizes there are all round!

As always, thanks for reading. It’s Independence Day in the USA next week and we’ll be celebrating Independents Week as well. We all shape our towns (and the internet!) by choosing which stores to shop at: thank you for choosing this indie (e)bookshop.

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