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The Third BearWe’re very happy to announce that we’ve added another great publisher: Tachyon Publications! Tachyon are based in San Francisco and are responsible for all those great anthologies you’ve seen in recent years: Rewired, Steampunk II, that kind of thing, as well as tons of other great books. Most of their ebooks come in epub, mobi, and pdf flavors. So yay, yay, and yay!

We also added a dozen or so new titles from Less Than Three Press—we now have 60+ of their books! Dance in the Dark is the most popular so far.

Two Marshall Moore titles, The Concrete Sky and Black Shapes in a Darkened Room are on sale at 99 cents each as a promotion until his new book, The Infernal Republic, releases in February.

Next week we have sale coming on all Steve Berman’s books and then it will be time for the February magazines to begin dropping—always the busiest time of the month around here.

I am heading (with Kelly) for Australia and New Zealand next month—can’t wait to say hello to Brisbane, Adelaide, Wellington!—which will mean Michael will be holding up 100% of the sky. He’s done it before and will do it again, at least until the end of the world later this year.

Over in Small Beer land, we have a new email newsletter (shiny, tidy!) which will sometimes feature Weightless stuff and the second paper printing of Maureen McHugh’s Philip K. Dick Award finalist After the Apocalypse is now in stock. Fortunately it was never out of stock here. Ha.

Ebooks are apparently going to make up 214% of all book sales by this time next month.* As long as people are reading and people running interesting indie presses, we’re happy.


* Statistic brought to you by some analyst whose mother received a Kindle for Christmas.

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