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It’s been a great week here and we’re very happy to add one of the largest, highest-quality indie publishers in the sf/f/h world, Subterranean Press. Bill Schafer and the folks at Sub Press put out beautiful limited, hardcover, and paperback books and you’ll be very happy to know that they’ve applied that level of care to their ebooks—and at great prices. If you’re interested in their print editions, they have a great email newsletter you should subscribe to. We added about 30 of their titles including: John Scalzi’s dark fantasy, The God Engines, four volumes of Robert’s Silverberg’s short stories (i.e. #3: Something Wild is Loose), The Best of Michael Swanwick, Kelley Armstrong’s Counterfeit Magic, and quite a few titles from both Cherie Priest (e.g.Clementine) and Elizabeth Bear (e.g. New Amsterdam).

Also this week: more Apex! We’ve added a few back issues of Apex Magazine—with more TK in upcoming weeks—as well as anthologies, collections, and novels such as Maurice Broaddus’s Dark Faith, Sara M. Harvey’s The Labyrinth of the Dead, Gary Barunbeck’s To Each Their Darkness, And Dru Pagliassotti’s An Agreement with Hell.

In other news, the second installment of The Rifter came in—plus covers for installments four and five showing that Blind Eye Books are on it. Good news for subscribers!

Next week: more books from our friends at Lethe and maybe news about more subscriptions (as if Apex and Fantasy and Clarkesworld aren’t enough! Because, you know, they’re not!).

We’re really appreciative that readers are looking around and finding books from more one press or author. Thank you for helping keep all these indies strong!

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