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Snapshots from a Black Hole and Other Oddities cover - click to view full sizeWe added another new press today: Hydra House, who have a couple of fantasy titles and a science fiction collection from K. C. Ball. Check them out here. Also added new books from PM Press (what, a Moorcock title? Hmm!) and a baker’s dozen of books from Less Than Three Press—they getting quite popular here.

Michael did another excellent thing: he added Goodreads reviews to the site—Lee Thomas’s award winner The German or Irregulars are good examples. There might be more Goodreads integration coming, we’ll see, but since Michael and I are both on Goodreads it made sense to bring in the reviews. (Over on Small Beer, we’re doing a couple of Goodreads giveaways.)

We also always welcome your reviews in the comments and are happy to see that some people are getting into that.

Did you see the 24-hour book that if:book Australia did? It was pretty neat. You could see the writers writing their stories, then the edits, the book design, and then their (far traveling) man in Brooklyn—Robert Hoge—posted pics on Twitter of the book being printed at the Brooklyn Public Library! Ebooks and print books just like that. Here, because we are nice: links to the book!

Read the e-book

Download EPUB

Download Kindle edition

These formats are available for download for FREE for 24 hours from this website, before it is distributed commercially to Amazon and other retailers.

In other news here in stormy Western Massachusetts we’re working with an artist on a new Weightless Books logo which will potentially mean a lot more Weightless ads around the web. Anyone who puts free Weightless ads on their site gets, um, respect? Love? Appreciation? An LCRW sub? We can talk! The affiliate program, after some software hiccups on the coders’ side, is taking off. Sign up here if you haven’t already.

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