We CoSigned This Letter to the FCC

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation just sent a great letter to the FTC in the US asking them to get retailers to label electronic products that are DRM’d. Why does this matter? Have you ever bought a book, song, or video (or even a cat litter box!) and tried to play it 5 years later only to find the software is no longer supported and the manufacturer does not exist? It happens surprisingly often. If your book/song/movie is free of Digital Rights Management software guff then you’re home free. But if it’s locked into some long dead system: good luck.

We are proud to cosign the letter. You can read more about it here, “EFF to FTC: Online Retailers Must Label Products Sold with Digital Locks” and read the letter below,

Gavin J. Grant
Michael J. DeLuca
Weightless Books

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