Two by Tenea

R/evolution cover - click to view full sizeJust in case you missed it, this week I’m happy to spotlight two new titles from up and coming author Tenea D. Johnson:

Smoketown is published by our friends at Blind Eye Books (yes, the publisher of Ginn Hale, just saying). As they say, “Told through their interlocking stories, Smoketown delves into the invisible connections that rival magic, and the copst of redemption.”

R/evolution is Tenea’s latest book and Jeff Ford says:

“The history of class struggle and racial injustice collide with the future of biotechnology in a tale that offers a prescient view of where America may be headed. It’s immediately engrossing and moves like a rocket.”

Next week we have a ton of new titles from Less Than Three and we’re working with another international magazine to see if we can add them.


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