Twisted Myths and Sleeplessness in Nightmare Magazine Issue 11

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35951-coverI’m a sucker for well-written short stories. Nightmare Magazine Issue 11 is packed with them. Some of my favorites are highlighted below.

I especially enjoyed Jennifer Giesbrecht’s “All My Princes Are Gone,” about Adam’s first wife (the one who came before Eve). From the launching point of the Lilith legend, Giesbrecht introduces the woman’s daughters, who are Mesopotamian goddesses. The author does a great job of tying disparate stories together and making them creepy and well-written enough to qualify for Nightmare. “All My Princes Are Gone” is Giesbrecht’s first published short story. I’m looking forward to reading more from her.

“Nightcrawlers” by Robert McCammon features a few really likeable characters, so the reader knows things are going to get ugly. The weather on the night of the story is foul. Everyone in the diner just heard about a massacre a few states away. A war veteran with what looks like post-traumatic stress disorder shows up in the middle of a storm. He’s strung out and not interested in sleeping it off because of what happens when he does. First published in 1984, “Nightcrawlers” is timeless fear.

Nightmare also pulls authors out of their bylines and helps make them into real people through Q&As. The reader learns that Giesbrecht’s story was in part the result of a Wikipedia spiral. McCammon talks about how “Nightcrawlers” was adapted into an episode of The New Twilight Zone and why he quit writing for awhile. The interviews contain oodles of interesting writerly and readerly tidbits.

Issue 11 also includes the second half of an interview with horror novelist Joe Hill, who was once the guest of dishonor at the World Horror Convention in Austin. Among other things, Hill discusses his writing that will never be published, the state of horror, how to craft compelling stories and his favorite authors.

Nightmare is a an online horror and dark fantasy magazine. Nightmare also includes nonfiction, fiction podcasts, and author Q&As that go behind the scenes of their stories. A current DRM-free subscription (including Issue 11) can be purchased on Weightless Books.

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