Tomorrow: Rifter 5

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Wow. We just got the files for #5 a couple of days ago and tomorrow #5, The Holy Road, will be going out and then The Rifter will be halfway through. Which is amazing, because it’s already such a huge thing—although after reading part of the way through I think I’m going to join the ranks of those waiting until the end!

Also this week: we’re going to be adding loads of great titles from a fave indie, Aqueduct Press.

And, these are the last few days of the Lightspeed and Fantasy subscription drive—don’t miss your chance at free books, shirts, and so on, as well as 2 great magazines sent to you monthly.

2 Responses to “Tomorrow: Rifter 5”

  1. em-nat says:

    I was once among the ranks of those waiting until the full run to read all of the whole story at once, but I cracked!

    It’s actually a really unique experience to read a serialized novel; one that I thought I wouldn’t enjoy at first. But I’ve found there are so many reasons why I really like the serialized format for The Rifter: having time to analyze plot points, characters and motives rather than rush ahead missing nuances. Having the opportunity to hypothesize and discuss with other readers IN REAL TIME (the group on is awesome for this) and that particular anticipation of the next installment. :D

    • Gavin says:

      I know, I know. I will probably have to give in again. I think it needs more time than I have though—or, I am afraid I won’t do anything else but read it . . .

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