The Rifter is coming to an end

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Rifter 1: The Shattered Gates cover - click to view full sizeWhat a year it’s been! When we talked to Blind Eye Books about this last year, I had no idea how The Rifter would go.

A huge novel about, what, 400,000 words long, delivered in 10 parts? Sure! We can do that, right? But thanks to Ginn Hale and Blind Eye hitting every deadline and Michael building a delivery system, we did. Woohoo! And there’s even a Goodreads group about it (I knew we didn’t need forums on this site!): What Will Happen Next in The Rifter.

That was fun. Maybe we’ll do another some day. Maybe! In the meantime, there will be an online party (with giveaways) to celebrate the release of the final part, His Holy Bones, on December 13. More on that TK as we get closer to that long awaited date.

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  1. Barb Gilmour says:

    This series has been an amazing trip!! I soooooo hope we get the story in print :-)

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