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Shimmer Magazine – Issue 18 coverHere is a guest post written by Ann VanderMeer in celebration of the publication today of the issue 18 of Shimmer Magazine which Ann guest edited:

Let’s raise a glass and say L’Chaim to Shimmer 18!!

L’Chaim, which means To Life, is a toast I heard quite often growing up. Later in Hebrew school I learned a bit more behind the magic of this phrase.

Being a numbers kind of a gal (in addition to letters, I must admit), I was intrigued by the system of numerology called Gematria. Each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is assigned a numerical value and these numbers give words their power and also provide more insight into language.

The Hebrew word Chai, which means Life, corresponds to the number 18. Issue 18 has great new stories from Annalee Newitz, Ben Peek, Rachel Marston, Ramsey Shehadeh, Ben Godby, Christine Schirr, Dustin Monk and Jeff VanderMeer (yes, that’s right – a little bit of nepotism here but I am allowed once in a while. This new story by Jeff is kind of a precursor to his new Southern Reach series).

So, yes!  This issue of Shimmer Magazine #18 should be celebrated TO Life!

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