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It being high summer, that time of gazing wistfully out the office window at the daisies wishing for something to do besides work, and it being nearly a year now since our last poll, I thought it was high time for some more audience participation.

Last time we heard from more than 100 people. This time, I’m raising the numbers AND the stakes. For every 100 people who vote on poll #2, I’ll buy 1 of them a year’s subscription to the magazine of their choice. And if we get 500 people to vote, I, Michael, will personally buy one lucky randomly-selected reader a Nook Simple Touch or the approximately equivalent e-ink reader of their choice.

You’ll need to be logged in to vote in the actual polls, but if you don’t feel like signing up for an account, please do add whatever answers you feel inclined to in the comments section along with an email address, and I will make sure to count you in on the prizes.

Weightless Reader Poll #2

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And one bonus question, which I can’t put in poll form ’cause it’s fill in the blank, so you’ll have to put it in the comments:

Which presses would you most like us to sell books from that we don’t already?

Thanks for playing!

45 Responses to “Reader Poll 2: With Different Prizes”

  1. pauljessup says:

    It would be awesome if you could get some from PS and Melville House

  2. scottken says:

    Other place I read: Bed (How could you leave off bed???)

  3. hydrahouse says:

    I read primarily on the couch.

  4. vpolichar says:

    I mostly read in the bathtub, and secondarily on the couch :-)

  5. j9hallg says:

    Kitsune Books!

  6. lightcap says:

    Night Shade would be nice

  7. mouldysquid says:

    For Question #1: I read every chance I get, so in queue, bed, in the car, at work, pretty much all of the above.

  8. mouldysquid says:

    Pyr Books (since they are now publishing Ken MacLeod).

  9. says:

    would love to have Subterranean put more books …into ebook format

  10. Michael says:

    Fixed q#1 so you can put in as many answers as you want. Added couch, bathtub. :)

  11. mkincaidspeller says:

    Q #1 At my desk, which is not exactly the same as being at work; also, on the train, which is not exactly the same as being on the subway; in the car I am read to by the other half, which is as well as I’m driving.

  12. lillyibelo says:

    Would love to see Night Shade and PS added and new titles from Subterranean. :D

  13. goetznl says:

    I do take my phone to the loo, and not to take calls…
    publishers: seconding for Night Shade, PS, Pyr, more from Subterranean, but also more of the backlist of Tachyon (especially the great anthologies…)
    Then I would like Golden Gryphon (I think they still exist..), NESFA, Angry Robot, Interzone magazine, Hard Case Crime, Solaris/Rebellion books, and then I think there must be interesting publishers in Australia, South Africa, India that I don’t know but that probably put out great books (in English)…
    It would also be cool to maybe have guest posts in your update series by some of the publishers that have been weightless for some time in order to hear if and how well it works for them? Have they attracted millions of new readers or is weightless just one of many channels they use, etc…
    At this stage being a customer still feels like being part of a project to make the world a better place, so it would be cool to hear the success stories, or the destroyed hopes for world domination…
    Groetjes from Amsterdam,

  14. goetznl says:

    I forgot The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction – since I started reading mostly electronically I let sub lapse, and I am not going to buy it from Amazon, don’t even think it is possible outside the US…

  15. Thaddeus602 says:

    I would love to see Nightshade books, Pyr, Angry Robot, and maybe now that they are DRM free, Tor. Thanks for asking your customers what they want!

  16. tarod45 says:

    I’d love to see Nightshade sold here.

  17. codersquid says:

    If you cross-sell some good reading platform (hammock, chair, low earth orbitz) I think I will also order that. I lost my hammock.

  18. MonikaH says:

    I also read on the tram or on the bus, we don’t have a subway (yet).

    It would be great to see Nightshade books here, more Subterranean titles, and of course Tor, because they are now DRM free. Oh, and someone else mentioned Golden Gryphon (if they still exist), I would second that.

  19. combarro says:

    “I would love to see Nightshade books, Pyr, Angry Robot, and maybe now that they are DRM free, Tor.”

    +1 to all of them. Also +1 to magazine subscriptions: Asimov’s, Analog, FS&F… And, of course, a big +1 to more Subterranean titles.

    Oh, and those translations from Chinese that Beijing Guomi is publishing:

  20. Cindy says:

    More Subterranean Press, please.

  21. tzinnamon says:

    I read everywhere I have to wait: offices, drive thru lines, waiting for a play or movie, a meal to be served, etc. I’m answering more questions all the time about my Nook & ebooks in general.

    I’m not sure about presses since I shop by authors & recommendations.

    I’m a retired teacher, and when not substituting I read about a book every 2 days. However I like to reread old favorites, & KY libraries have a Kentucky Unbound assoc. website that I use a lot. I’m not sure how common that is among the states.

    I’ve just about stopped buying ink & paper due to acute book storage problems. Several hallways in the house do not have paneling only tightly packed shelves, an accumulation of 50+ yrs of reading.

  22. rleeharlow says:

    Not a press, but books that are not in ebook form yet: Jeff Noon, Kathe Koja. Great authors whose early work is overlooked

  23. Paul jessup says:

    I know Jeff Noon is working on bringing out his books in ebooks- he’s been talking about it on twitter quite a bit. I know I can’t wait to read Vurt and Automated Alice on my Nook

  24. Jxt09 says:

    I’d love to see more magazines in ebook form. Especially Asimov’s and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Right now I can only find MF&SF as a Kindle ebook, but that doesn’t help me because I don’t have a Kindle. I’d need it for the Nook. I’ll be waiting patiently for the day it’s available in all formats.

    • Gavin says:

      F&SF has an exclusive distribution deal with Amazon for the foreseeable future. Maybe you can download the Kindle app and read it on your computer or phone?

  25. houseinrlyeh says:

    New Subterranean Press would be great. Their present ebook policy leaves me and other Europeans in the rain.

  26. bachaboska says:

    I’d love to see Chizine Publications(CZP)sold here- especially Gemma Files’ books.

  27. greenspace says:

    no Crime/Mystery or Historical in the list of genres?
    I ticked Mainstream/Literary, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Non Fiction, Poetry, Romance and Erotica from the choices, plus Genres Are Meaningless And Should Be Abolished, not because I think they’re meaningless, but because I wanted to vote for other genres that weren’t there, plus cross-genre.

    and what about other categories, such as Children’s, Queer, and YA? (which I don’t consider to be genres, but markets)

    anyway, I’ve just bought my first two books from Weightless – Trash Sex Magic by Jennifer Stevenson, and The Serial Garden by Joan Aiken (sob!) – and I look forward to browsing and buying more.

    Delighted to see you publish Twelfth Planet Press.
    how about Ticonderoga?
    And Magabala Books – they’re certainly specialists, publishing Aboriginal Australian writers, but I hope they’d sell well.


  28. Palinurus says:

    An “Everything” button in the “What do you read?” would have saved me a lot of clicking. :p – As for publishers, I’d like to second both PS and Chizine and add NewCon

  29. Priscus says:

    More Tachyon and Subterranean back-catalogue.
    I did not put-in those I can (and do) already get elsewhere.

    In the “dreaming out loud” category, DAW and Pyr would be great…
    I know, I know…
    I said I was dreaming out loud.

  30. Thaddeus602 says:

    This post on might be of interest to the overlords of weightless:

    This part especially:
    “The new DRM-free editions are available from the same retailers that have sold Tor e-books in the past. In addition, the company expects to begin selling titles through retailers that sell only DRM-free books.”

    So you have no reason not to carry Tor titles…..unless they balk at your wholesale model and want agency pricing (i.e. opt out of your twice yearly 50% off sales)….

    I would really like to actually hear from you guys about adding more publishers….with nightshade already selling drm free through Baen, I dont understand why you dont have them already….we want to buy more books…

    • Gavin says:

      Hi, we’re talking to both Night Shade and Tor and are ready to add them as soon as they are ready to be added.

  31. dino says:

    I would love to see TTA Press here, specifically to be able to buy Interzone Magazine [ ]

  32. Kenneth says:

    Other places I read? Kitchen Counter and Recliner

  33. djjd62 says:

    Which presses would you most like us to sell books from that we don’t already?


  34. kiya says:

    I would like to see Nightshade books, Pyr, Angry Robot, Subterranean and Thor.

    And I also read on my e-book reader Pocket Book 360.

  35. mdhph says:

    Baen. I know they have their own site, but it would be nice.

  36. Michelle says:

    I’d love to see some Ticonderoga books here!

  37. grimalkin says:

    Read on a loveseat, on the toilet, and in bed. Chizine, Sisyphus, Nightshade Books, Feejee Press, Steamshovel Press?

  38. earleydaysyet says:

    1. Where: + outside in my smoking chair; + recliner
    3. How much: approximately one/day
    5. What: pretty much everything bar romance fiction (in all its permutations & subgenres!), technical documentation & war memoirs.

  39. mgoldenber001 says:

    I sure wish we could send books direct to the Nook like we can with the Kindle. Not your fault, I think, I haven’t been able to find that *anywhere*.

  40. Tethys says:

    I read just about anywhere and everywhere I can. Still don’t have an eReader other than my iPhone, but it’s bound to happen.

    I just subscribed to Clarkesworld via Weightless Books. A multiple Nebula, Hugo and World Fantasy award winning (among others) Science Fiction Magazine,

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