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Puerto del Sol – Issue 48.1 cover - click to view full sizeAt $2.99 for 130+ lovely big pdf pages, I recommend checking out the latest issue of Puerto del Sol, #48.1. As well as an excerpt from Matt Bell’s debut novel, In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods, there’s a great poem, “Monsters” (“The monsters were horrific in their might, as cunning as we were stupid.”) by Catherine Kasper, and much more.

Now that tablets are well established as ereaders I hope we will see more magazines and journals coming in as pdfs. One of the reasons we started Weightless (besides to provide a central site for great indie ebooks) was that epubs and mobis, for all their usefulness, still strip out most page design. Which is fine if you view a book as a container for content and all you want is the narrative but if the design is also part of the whole package—as with Featherproof’s beautiful books (AM/PM by Amelia Gray, boring boring boring boring boring boring boring by Zach Plague, Daddy’s by Lindsay Hunter, The Awful Possibilities by Christian TeBordo) for instance, many of which are available in hi-res or low-res pdfs—then epubs and mobis as yet don’t quite do the job of translating the printed page into ebooks. Long live the DRM-free pdf, says I.

And here are the Puerto del Sol back issues: 46.1 and 247.1, and 47.2: a special “Utopias” issue featuring Kim Stanley Robinson, art from Alex Gross, and more.



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