Puerto del Sol, Galaxy’s Edge, Big Click, Apex, NYRSF, Tiptree winners

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Ancient, Ancient cover - click to view full sizeIt’s a big magazine day here at Weightless. We just added two new magazines: the first is Puerto del Sol, 47 years young and “dedicated to providing a forum for innovative poetry, prose, drama, criticism and artwork from emerging and established writers and artists.” Got to love that. Also, at $2.99 per issue ($4.99/2-issue subscription)—and those issues go up to 300 pages!—it is such a huge bargain I am tempted to tag all the issues under sales. How many can you get? 46.1 and 247.147.2, and next week, the new issue, #48.1. You can get the print issues here.

We also have the debut issue of Galaxy’s Edge as well as subscriptions: only $9.99 for 6 issues. Another hard to beat deal! The first issue features Robert J. Sawyer, Kij Johnson, Nick DiChario, Lou J. Berger, Jack McDevitt, Alex Shvartsman, Stephen Leigh, Robert T. Jeschonek, James Patrick Kelly, Daniel F. Galouye, Mike Resnick, Barry Malzberg, Horace E. Cocroft, and Paul Cook.

Today also saw new issues from Apex and The Big Click. Apex has a new story from National Book Award William Alexander (that’s not something I get to write often), Rachel Swirsky, Tim Pratt and others. The seventh issue of The Big Click has noir and crime stories from Sean Craven and the very busy and popular Ekaterina Sedia, as well as Raechel Dumas’s “helpful cheat sheet for diving into the world of Japanese crime fiction.”

The 294th(!) issue of NYRSF features Borges, Lovecraft, and souls; John Morressy’s fantasy novels; Greg Mellor, Australian wondersmith; Manly Wade Wellman, Plains reporter; Farah Mendlesohn on fantasy; Jean-Luc Picard, epitome; Robots on stage; and more. Don’t miss the special offer.

Also, for those who look at the world and see no discrimination, the VIDA Count for 2012 is in. Feh.

And, with VIDA showing that the  Tiptree Award is always necessary, congratulations to the two winners of this year’s award: Kiini Ibura Salaam (Ancient, Ancient—check out the video!) and Caitlin R. Kiernan (The Drowning Girl). As usual there is also an Honor List of interesting books, which includes Karin Tidbeck’s Jagannath and Lesley Wheeler’s “The Receptionist” (in The Receptionist and Other Tales.

I still a have print subscription, not digital, to Locus, but when I saw on their site that there was a review of the new LCRW I checked it out. Happily Rich Horton likes it. Yay! There’s also a review of Ancient, Ancientand, you know, many other books, and I look forward to reading it properly when my old paper copy arrives. You can get it now, of course.

Next week: more titles from Aqueduct, more goodies all round. If you’re in Boston at AWP this weekend, stop by the Small Beer Press table in the book fair and say hi!

Galaxy’s Edge Magazine: Issue 1 March 2013 cover - click to view full size Puerto del Sol – Issue 47.2 cover - click to view full size Apex Magazine – Issue 46 cover - click to view full size  The Big Click Issue 7 cover - click to view full size Locus March 2013 (#626) cover - click to view full size



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  1. tps says:

    My wife (not a genre reader) is at AWP; I’ve passed on the message. As I tell her each time she mentions the book fair, “No, it’s the huckster’s room.” :)

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