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This week we added our first four titles from the excellent (and sometimes very sexy) Lethe Press and either later this week or early next we’ll be adding some shiny issues of the new and shiny SF magazine Lightspeed featuring stories from Carol Emshwiller (who will be 90 next year: celebrate!), Cat Valente, and much more. We may offer Lightspeed as a subscription: please do tell us if you’re interested. We figure it might be interesting if people can manage many electronic subscriptions in one place.

We fixed a broken Google thing so that you can preview some of the books and had a tiny brainstorm and realized we should—just in case, you never know, you might want one—supply you with the option to buy any titles that are available in paper. Some people (including us) still buy books that way, really!

What else? How about those Lethe Press books? The first four titles are:

Subtle Bodies by Peter Dube
Binding the God: Ursine Essays from the Mountain South in which “Jeff Mann writes of the passion and pain of being a Southern gentleman who happens to be invested in many worlds”
— Steve Berman’s Second Thoughts which Chroma said was “excellent for readers of the lesser-found gay supernatural fiction, or anyone appreciative of twisted tales”
—and a fabulous short story collection by Sandra McDonald, Diana Comet and Other Improbable Stories in which “Diana is a cross-dressing man, and plenty of the other protagonists, Cubby included, are gay. Their world isn’t much easier for gays and transgender folk than ours is, yet they are winningly heroic, psychologically complex, and sympathetic. And because theirs is an alternate world, they prove their mettle in genre milieus ranging from the western to contemporary (in our world) desert warfare, with technologies ranging from sail and horse to helicopter. No matter the setting and the tools, their stories are all enthralling.”

And that’s it for this week. Technical difficulties (hello Airport and Mac 10.6.5) meant these are going up on Wednesday instead of Tuesday but all is well and our prospects are good for adding a good range of things and stuff by the holidays. Have fun!

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