Poppy Brite formats + New LCRW

By popular demand we added new formats (lit, epub, mobi) for Poppy Z. Brite’s Second Line and we just uploaded the latest issue of our zine, LCRW #25. Don’t think there will be more LCRW formats—unless they’re requested (or, er, voluntarily made). We usually get LCRW onto Fictionwise and they grind out different formats.

If there are titles on the site where you’d like more format choice, do tell. Keep in mind that some of the publishers we’ll be adding will be into that but some only want PDFs available—because they like their page design and we can understand that.

Next week will be a busy one with a set of titles from a new press (ooh!) and another title from one of our favorite Seattle publishing conglomerates, Blind Eye Books.

We had another hiccup last week when we updated a WordPress plugin and it broke something else in there: sorry! Silly system. All seems to be running fine now. Drop us a line if you have any problems. Otherwise, thanks as always for reading.

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