PM Press sale: 33% off until Nov. 20

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Report from Planet Midnight cover - click to view full sizeI am not entirely sure how Michael makes the magic happen behind the scenes on Weightless but if you like me wondered just how this 33% coupon works, apparently all you need to do is add any PM Press book to your cart and, boom! It’s done.

That $8.95 copy of Nick Mamatas’s Sensation is suddenly $5.97. You add Ursula Le Guin’s The Wild Girls (because you’ve heard the interview is amazing) and suddenly you’ve saved $5.97. Ok, you realize the discount is basically 3-for-2, so the last book is sort of free. Maybe Byzantium Endures: The First Volume of the Colonel Pyat Quartet by Michael Moorcock, or Terry Bisson’s Left Left Behind?

Wait! What’s that book by Nalo Hopkinson? Report from Planet Midnight. Is it a PM book? Yes! Awesome. Or maybe your brain is more organized than mine and you already have your eye on some of their books. Either way, for a week or three, all of their books are automagically 33% off!

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