One hot new title

Astrid Amara’s serial novel The Archer’s Heart is very popular around here and the good news for her readers is that today we have a new Amara title: Two Tangled Tales.

Originally included in the Tangle anthology, Two Tangled Tales comprises “Lord Ronan’s Shoes” and “Remember” which slices of fun are sure to please fans of Ms. Amara’s romantic work.

Might be a good week for someone you know to get a good simple ereader: Borders has dropped the price to $99 for the Kobo and some of their other ereaders.

Next week? More! Also, October bestsellers. And, Michael is working on a grand scheme to introduce subscriptions—which will make 2011’s Year of GH much easier. Until then, drop us a line if you have any problems, would like us to add publishers, or just would like to say hi.

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