Yesterday got eaten by the launch of Steampunk! which isn’t available here, sorry! Maybe one day. (There’s a giveaway here.)

In new releases we have the eighth installment of Ginn Hale’s Rifter which probably kept a few people out of work (or away from sleep) for a while as well as the first in a new series from uber-editors Ann and Jeff VanderMeer: ODD? which comes with a really odd video and a contest as well the promise of Cheeky Frawg subscriptions to come real soon.

We also got Maureen F. McHugh’s new book out: After the Apocalypse has nine great stories (as confirmed by two pre-pub starred reviews!) and a cover we love by Fonografiks.

Soon we’ll be adding Lethe Press’s first graphic novel, Delia Sherman’s awesome middle grade novel (which everyone should read), The Freedom Maze, and, you more. Now things are more settled at work, we should be adding more publishers, too. (We’re sending out second quarter royalty payments to publishers this week: thanks to all you readers!)

Also, Michael is here in Western Mass for a couple of days: hi Michael! So we get to talk about remaking the world in our own terms (greener! fewer huge corporations! better beer!) and seeing what’s to come with Weightless.


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