November is the month to subscribe

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It’s been a fabulous month at Weightless for Clarkesworld Magazine, there are hundreds and hundreds more happy subscribers and a much happier editor. And all that subscribing seemed catching so that every magazine here seems to have picked up a handful of new subscribers. After the juggernaut of Clarkesworld, Apex, and Lightspeed are the most popular but everything from Innsmouth to Electric Velocipede, from NYRSF to BCS picked up a handy handful of new subs. Yay, readers!

Speaking of NYRSF, there is a new issue today, #291, and this is the first issue where the epub and mobi files are released concurrently with the pdf file. The NYRSF team have worked immensely hard to get to this stage and we’d like to thank them for working with us. Thanks also to the hundreds of NYRSF subscribers who have been very patient as their print subs moved online.

Over in Small Beer land it’s the publication day of our two-volume Selected Stories of Ursula K. Le Guin  (Vol. 1, Vol. 2). What a project! Besides updating those two books with today’s date, we also added some more Wildside titles.

Next week (how can it be December if October’s not done yet?) we’ll have new issues from many of the magazines above, the November bestseller list, new books from PM Press, and we’re adding another strong indie, Dog Horn Publishing from the UK!

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