Lightspeed is in, we’re back, we sold a lot of books in March

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Don’t worry Lightspeed subscribers: your subscription is still working, the site is still here, it’s just that this month’s issue was delayed by the publisher. And that’s it: sent out! Apologies for the delay and thanks for your patience.

Perhaps not surprising to those who follow Ginn Hale but March was a massive month for us here due to the release of the first part of The Rifter. It’s going so well we’re hoping to bring you more serials and at some point we’ll start releasing original Weightless Books ebooks. But more on that in the future.

Before the bestsellers I should mention that on the first Monday of the month we added new issues of Apex, Clarkesworld, and Fantasy magazines. Apex just transferred their subscribers over here: hi everyone! About 2% of subscribers had problems which Michael sorted out pretty quickly. As ever: more subscriptions will be coming soon. And, Michael has a story in the new issue of Apex: check it out!

March 2011

  1. The Rifter Subscription & The Rifter 1: The Shattered Gates, Ginn Hale
  2. Lord of the White Hell Book One and Book Two, Ginn Hale
  3. Fantasy Magazine 12-Month Subscription
  4. Lightspeed Magazine Annual Ebook Subscription
  5. Apex Magazine 12-Month Subscription
    Wicked Gentlemen, Ginn Hale

Darn website. Why does it want to run the bottom of the list right into the text below? Here’s some hard to read text to move them apart.

Besides all the magazine fun we added another of John Joseph Adams‘s huge anthologies, The Way of the Wizard; an anthology of three space operas, Battlestations, from David Drake; and  the promising-looking Promises, Promises by L-J Baker:

Sandy Blunt, witch, has big dreams but C-average magic skills. Her only noteworthy talent is for paying extravagant compliments to women. Trouble is, when she uses that gift, she unwittingly foretells the future for a pretty princess. The punishment for prophesying about one of royal blood is death. With the help of ill-assorted companions, including a self-professed princess in disguise with a wild imagination, a self-absorbed member of the royal guard, and the not-so-average girl next door, Sandy has a year and a day to travel to far-flung places–encountering such dangerous creatures as a dragon who writes awful poetry, slovely elves, and boarding house landladies–to collect the weird and magical items needed to turn her prophecies into promises and so evade the executioner

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