New titles from Amara, Lord, LCRW

At last! The third part of Astrid Amara’s The Archer’s Heart (which holds two of the top 5 positions in our bestseller list) is released today. Catch up here: Part 1. Part 2.

Also going live today:

  • Redemption in Indigo, a magical debut novel by Barbadian writer Karen Lord and for a limited time only it will be on here an incredibly low price—so don’t miss it!
  • LCRW 24 which somehow we had managed not to add which opens with an excellent dark story from Alexander Lamb and includes the usual mix of weird and wonderful stories by writers you may not have heard of but who are all going to be stars one day, stars!

Coming soon: more Ginn Hale, more Astrid Amara, more presses, more books, and a beautifully designed lit journal that will light up your screen—and you won’t believe the price. Can’t wait until we get those books in and can get them up here for you.

Ping us if there are presses or books you’re interested in. We’re talking to people all the time and want to become the go-to place for weird, sexy, and smart independent presses.

The Archer’s Heart, Part 3, begins:

Jandu lounged on the pillows of his room, drawing a picture of Keshan.
Ennui pulled at him like barbs, but this act of patiently recreating his lover gave him a pleasurable contentment that soothed his boredom. Soft afternoon light filtered in from the windows above. He used a flat wooden board to protect the carpet from his ink. Every angle of Keshan’s face, every curl of his hair, could be conjured from memory, and Jandu lulled himself into pleasant memories as he drew.
Someone knocked on his door.
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