New Serial Fiction

Later this year we’re putting out a huge serial—something we’ve been looking forward to doing since before this site started. More on that TK closer to the pub date. In the meantime, we just added our latest Blind Eye title, Astrid Amara’s The Archer’s Heart, which is being serialized in three parts over the next few weeks. Dive in!

2 Responses to “New Serial Fiction”

  1. sarah borrero says:

    I purchased the first part of the serial of the archer’s heart and did not receive it. I also cannot reach the email address given in the FAQ. I want a refund or a what I paid for. Thank You.

    • Gavin says:

      Hi Sarah, sorry you had trouble reaching me! I’ve tested the email and it worked—which I know doesn’t help you. Did it bounce/not work in some other way?

      In the meantime I’ve emailed you the file, thanks for the order. Hope you enjoy the book and we’ll look into seeing why your email with the download url didn’t go out.


      Gavin Grant

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