New Prime titles, Lightspeed/Fantasy update

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Death and ResurrectionToday we had a huge release: Prime Books and Apex Publications are working with us to get all of their titles onto this here tiny mighty site. Prime also dropped the prices on all their titles (apart from Rudy Rucker’s Ware Tetralogy) to just $4.95.

New titles here today from Prime: collections by Sarah Monette and Richard Parksmany anthologies edited by Paula Guran, Heart of Iron by Ekaterina Sedia (Publishers Weekly starred review: “Superbly blends novel of manners, alternate history, and le Carré–style espionage with a dash of superheroes and steampunk.”), and, very excitingly, R. A. MacAvoy’s first book in many years, Death and Resurrection.

Apex Publications tend to run a lot darker, although Lavie Tidhar’s HebrewPunk is proving popular already and Paul Jessup’s Dead Stay Dead looks worth an, er, look(!).

Out there on the internets there is a huge fundraiser for one of our heros: Terri Windling. Please check it out and maybe someone on your holiday list will be lucky, lucky, lucky! (There is so much good stuff! So tempted!)

Also of note: Cheeky Frawg now have a, yes, cheeky new website.

I think all the monthly magazines have gone out. They don’t all go out on the same day: some of them are the first day of the month, some are the first Monday or Tuesday, thank god Michael can keep it straight. Also, with Lightspeed and Fantasy Magazine merging into a one, new, bigger Lightspeed, perhaps you might consider subscribing before Jan. 1, 2012, when the price will go up!

Next week we will be bringing on Mike Allen’s Clockwork Phoenix anthologies as well as his long-running magazine, Mythic Delirium. We’re also talking to more magazines about getting them on board.

And, fingers crossed, we may yet have gift certificates available by the time the holidays roll around. If not then, we should have them by Robert Burns Day—well known in poetry circles as the day to not only share a haggis, whisky, and poetry with friends and family, but also the day to go out an buy an ereader in the post-post-holiday electronic stores sale-of-desperation and fill it with ebooks from indie ebooksites. Mmmm . . .  veggie haggis.


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  1. Nicole Kimberling says:

    …vegetarian haggis…

    I guess it is the next logical step.

    But what do they cook it in? Tofu skin?

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