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Lord of the White Hell Book TwoFor a lot of readers all you need to know is that we have Ginn Hale’s Lord of the White Hell Book Two this week. But, do remember to come back next month for The Rifter.

We’re very happy to introduce a new magazine this week: the Hugo Award winner, Clarkesworld Magazine, which is available in both individual issues (there are more than 30 available!) and as an annual subscription. Each issue features two stories, an interview, and then something else. This month we have fiction by Rachel Swirsky (“Diving After the Moon”) and D. Elizabeth Wasden (“Three Oranges”), an interview with David Weber, and articles by Kerry Tynan Fraser (“Neologism and Linguicide”) and Julie Dillon (“The Process of Creating ‘Nautili’”).

We also have three anthologies from Neil Clarke’s Wyrm Publishing: Realms 1 and Realms 2 (easy ways to get all the fiction from the first two years of Clarkesworld), and Jeff & Ann VanderMeer’s Last Drink Bird Head—all proceeds from which go to

And it being February 1 Lightspeed Magazine‘s February issue came out with stories from Cat Rambo (which features a liberated sexbot!, Julie E. Czerneda, Ken Liu,and James Patrick Kelly.

Next month (seems like we’re always working on next month we’re pretty excited to be launching another subscription: Fantasy Magazine. The March issue has stories from Genevieve Valentine and Tanith Lee as well as reprints from Holly Black and George R. R. Martin. And April has Peter S. Beagle (a story from his new collection), Kat Howard, Jonathan Howard, and a reprint from Carrie Vaughn.

State Library January 12 early afternoon

And if you like to read for a good cause, there are only two more weeks to get the After the Rain: After the Floods limited ebook edition edited by Tehani Wessely. 100% of donations (minus the Paypal fee) will go to the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal.

Robert Hoge’s photo on the right of the State Library in Brisbane is enough to make any bibliophile cry. One of our favorite illustrators, Kathleen Jennings (see the cover for Greer Gilman’s Cloud & Ashes), lives just high enough up that her house wasn’t flooded, but many of her neighbors on the same street were flooded. You can see a video of the flood on her blog here and read her journal here. It’s amazing stuff and I recommend both and please consider buying the anthology and donating.

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