More new LCRWs and many Small Beer epubs

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Hey, did you see that story on Slate about how “Digital publishing levels the playing field for small publishers“? We had fun talking with Jill Priluck and it was great that she gave a shout out to Featherproof, Small Beer, and, yay!, Weightless.

And to celebrate we added a few things that readers have been asking for—but not everything, otherwise what would we do next week? First there were a bunch of improvements that Michael did on Friday: pages have shorter line-lenghs for increased visibility, there’s a new featured title, we started tagging posts for easier findability, and we did some technical jiggery pokery stuff as well. And we talked to a couple more indie presses whose books we hope to add. We’re hoping to build a tempting palace of wonder made of electrons and indie presses. We’re on our way!

In the meantime, today’s (Tuesday’s, just) update just went up*. First we added four issues of our zine, LCRW, (12, 13, 14, 15). These are all epub/mobi/lit files—but, in a reversal of the normal, no PDF! We also added epubs to most of the rest of the LCRWs: 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24. So now you can get many versions of those issues going back to 2003—It’s old back there!

We also added multiformat (epub/mobi/lit) files to many Small Beer titles including Couch, Meeks, Trash Sex Magic—not going to list all of them, but many, I tell you, many! More TK, but slowly, you know how it is.

And finally (at last!) we added Carol Emshwiller‘s first novel (which is fantastically funny and weirder than ever) Carmen Dog in multiformat (again, no PDFs—maybe later). As with Travel Light, we’ve put Carmen Dog up at a lovely low introductory price of $5.95.

Next week might be the week we get Fairy Tale Review (books and mags) up here—they are amazing, and the pricing is irresistible. The paper edition of the journal is $10-$20 (depends on who’s selling it). Suffice to say the ebooks will be much less. Much! They’re going to be PDFs and I’m not sure if there will be more formats because as with the Featherproof books (have you seen them, they are crazy wonderful designed!) the pages are part of the package. We’ll see. After Fairy Tale, we have more more more. Come back. Tell your friends. Tell us what you think. Thanks for reading!

* Apologies for the delay. I’d love to say it was Scott Pilgrim related, but, sadly, haven’t seen it yet (darn it!). It’s just that the baby is too too much and insists on being played with. Apparently baby trumps computer every time!

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