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We’re switching this website over to Paypal’s new micropayments system which will cut fees on our side and I hope make payments easier for readers. It has some kind of buy-now-pay-later option which looks useful.

While the switch should go smoothly, I sort of expect it will mess things up. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience and do email me at weightlessbooks @ gmail.com if you have any problems. Paypal says it can take up to 2 days to sort this out—if that’s “business days” that may mean Monday. Hope not!

When I googled the PayPal Micropayments (and should I worry that I had to sign up through Paypal labs—is this some experiment that will die once it gets out of the lab and online?) one of the sites talked about the emotional attachment of gamers to digital objects. Do ebook readers feel the same way? (And by “readers” I mean people, not the Nook, iPad, Kindle, Sony, etc.) I read a fair amount of news, blogs, fiction, manuscripts, etc., electronically but so far I’m not feeling that love for most of these digital objects. You?

ETA: Wow! Those PayPal labs people are fast! 2 days? Schmoo Days! It’s done. Done! (Now if only we could get them to work on this site!)

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