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They’re here! We’ve been working on this and promising them forever so we’re very excited to offer our first subscription on Weightless—the first, we think, of many!

The LCRW subscription gets you 4 issues (usually 2 years, as we do two issues per year) which will go out to you as soon as they’re available.The subscriptions are available in the format of your choice (at least, if the format of your choice is one of: PDF, epub, mobi, and lit). We expect to keep offering those formats in the future (unless there’s no uptake on one—it’s like American Idol for ebook formats!).

Subscribe now and get 4 issues in your inbox right as they emerge hot from the virtual presses of Small Beer Press. The subscription will begin with the current issue, No. 26—the paper edition is mailing now.

A paper subscription is $20.

The regular price of the esubscription edition will be $11.99.

But to celebrate our first subscription and to get things going with a bang we’re offering a 4 issue subscription for . . . $9.95

Get it while it’s hot!

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