June 2011 Bestsellers


Continuing the fun we had with last month’s lists, this month we’ve got the regular Bestseller list as well as the Subscription Bestsellers. The Lightspeed and Fantasy Magazines: 12-Month Subscription drive (with all those prizes) has proved very popular, but, interestingly, Lightspeed is still the most popular magazine subscription. We are working on getting your subscriptions emailed directly to your ereading device and soon we’ll put up a poll to see what other features you’d like to see on the site.

June was a busy month as we added affiliates (unlike Am*zon, we’re not cutting them off!) and a great widget generator which allows you to show off your fave author’s book, or a publisher’s or a genre, or your own. We added a couple of new publishers, Cheeky Frawg (and for a couple of day Secret Lives was the number one seller) and Electric Velocipede, and an exclusive short story by Alan DeNiro (which is just 99c!), Moonlight is Bulletproof.

Less Than Three Press books began to pick up steam, but it’s still Ginn Hale who has the one ring—and a 10-part serial!—to rule them all.

Part 5 of The Rifter just arrived and we’ll be releasing it next week which means The Rifter is halfway there!

June 2011 (subscriptions)

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