January 2016 Bestsellers


9/10 January bestsellers were subscriptions! The one individual magazine on the list was the January Locus, which had interviews with Mary Rickert and Charlie Jane Anders — so no wonder that was popular. The February issue is always a big seller too since it includes the Recommended Reading lists and has all the many and varied wide-ranging year-end reviews in it. Remember: anyone can vote in the Locus poll.

Otherwise the list is a fascinating look at the current expansion in the range and type of (mostly sf&f) magazines available. Mothership Zeta, from the very popular Escape Artists podcast publisher, is the newest magazine to quickly hit our bestseller list. Between them, Galaxy’s Edge, Flash Fiction Online, Uncanny, and Forever, fully half of January’s top ten bestsellers didn’t exist 3-4 years ago! Even Clarkesworld is only 10 years old and Beneath Ceaseless Skies is coming on eight which shows, at least on this indie ebookstore, the scope of editorial visions available now at the click of a button.

Somewhat related to the above: the full range of what is published is not always reflected by reviewers, sometimes purposefully, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies editor and publisher Scott H. Andrews had a great series of storified tweets on that subject (as Storified by Michael):

January 2016 Weightless Bestseller List

  1. New York Review of Science Fiction
  2. Mothership Zeta Magazine
  3. Galaxy’s Edge Magazine
  4. Uncanny Magazine
  5. Clarkesworld Magazine
  6. Beneath Ceaseless Skies
  7. Flash Fiction Online
  8. Interzone
  9. Locus January 2015 (#660)
  10. Forever Magazine

Flash Fiction Online Issue #29 February 2016 cover - click to view full size Forever Magazine Issue 13 cover - click to view full size Mothership Zeta Magazine – Issue 2 cover - click to view full size Uncanny Magazine Issue 8 cover - click to view full size

Galaxy’s Edge Magazine: Issue 18, January 2016 – Featuring Leigh Bracket (scriptwriter for Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back) cover - click to view full size Locus January 2016 (#660) cover - click to view full size Interzone #262 cover - click to view full size

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