In which we add The Troika

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The Troika cover - click to view full sizeLookee: we added another Philip K. Dick Award winner, Stepan Chapman’s The Troika, now in a lovely ebook edition from Wyrm/Ministry of Whimsy Press.

Yup: that’s it!

But: what’s coming next week?

Ok, ok, so there are new issues of (alphabetically, sing along with me!) Apex, Clarkesworld, and Lightspeed all coming but we also have a couple of new PM Press titles, a new steampunk anthology from Firkin Press (publisher of Beneath Ceaseless Skies) aaannnndddd . . . three dozen new Circlet Press titles.

That’s good news for us and for fans of Lovecraftian Erotica and Sense and Sensuality: Erotic Fantasies in the World of Jane Austen!

In other news, Michael and I will both be at Readercon in Burlington, MA, in a couple of weeks. See you there?

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