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Hey! WeightlessBooks.com is very happy to announce that we have recently added two new magazines to our subscription offerings: Interzone and Black Static, as well as individual issues of Crimewave. We have also added the first two releases in the TTA Press novella series, Mike O’Driscoll’s Eyepennies and Nina Allan’s Spin, and will be adding new additions as they come out.

Since it’s first appearance in 1982, Interzone has been the flagship UK magazine of science fiction, fantasy, horror, reviews, art, and more. It has gone through a number of changes all the while year in year out publishing great new writers.

Black Static was once known as The Third Alternative (founded in 1994). However, once TTA Press took over Interzone, TTA changed its name into something more recognizable as a horror magazine. The most recent issue has stories from Steve Rasnic Tem and Caspian Gray, as well as commentary and reviews.

Both magazines are published six times a year and are something to behold. However, for readers outside the UK, getting hold of the physical magazine has always been difficult, expensive, and a little chancy.

One of the reasons we started Weightless* was that with the advent of the iPad we expected ebook reading to take off and, given the large iPad screen size, that readers might choose to read pdfs (as well as format-stripped epub/mobi files), especially of art or design books or graphics-intense magazines.

With today’s hi-res tablets, this is only becoming more true. So after talking to TTA Press for a while we are very excited to be adding Interzone and Black Static pdfs to Weightless. Epub and mobi versions may come at some point, but converting graphics-heavy magazines such as these is a long way from being easy so for the moment the magazines are only available in their glorious (not kidding here) native pdfs.

Individual issues are $4.99 and 6-issue annual subscriptions are $24.99. Subscriptions to both magazines are available and the most recent issues can be found here.

We hope you will give them a try, tell us what you think, and most of all, enjoy!

Crimewave #11 Interzone #247 Black Static #35 Spin Eyepennies

* You may have heard this before!

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