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Apex Magazine Issue 18 coverThis week we have more. More? Well, turns out the same way I keep getting hungry despite previously having eaten, people need new books despite having previously bought others. . . . So this week we have:

More books from Canada’s best, Invisible Publishing, including:

Homing, the story of Leah, a woman who’s grown afraid of the outdoors; a ghost that’s lost its way; a musician who’s trying to find his; and Sandy and Harold, a pair of homing pigeons who help get them all back home.
The Art of Trespassing explores the systems and structures that frame our everyday lives. Contributors imagine networks, neighbourhoods and relationships, exposing them as both confining and liberating.
The Transits collection embodies what Invisible Publishing is all about: encouraging storytellers, helping new and emerging writers develop their craft and find an audience. Featuring the work of ten new Canadian writers, this is not a collection of travel stories, but stories in which movement is central—stories exploring the pace(s) and places of our increasingly decentralized lives.


More backlist issues of the very-popular from Apex Magazine. I should point you toward #18, “Our special Arab/Muslim themed issue,” which features Nebula Finalist “The Green Book” by Amal El-Mohtar.

Last week’s Sub Press additions are proving quite popular with Connie Willis and Elizabeth Bear sneaking out into the front as most read so far.

Price Cuts

We dropped the prices on many backlist Small Beer Press titles by 30%! And while were at it, dropped the price of a couple of Lethe Press from $5.99 to $2.99!

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