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Nice reading list posted yesterday on Flavorwire included a few books you might know or want to know:

Conservation of Shadows by Yoon Ha Lee
“Science fiction and fabulist stories with mathy, orchestral, universal tones, written in gorgeous prose.”

Jagganath by Karin Tidbeck
“Strange, haunting goodness from Sweden, with an emphasis on unbelonging. A captivating read.”

What I Didn’t See and Other Stories by Karen Joy Fowler
“A stunning collection that mixes history, fantasy, myth, and something else altogether unknowable. Witty and powerful and totally out there.”

North American Lake Monsters: Stories by Nathan Ballingrud
“Love stories/monster stories.”

The Changeling by Joy Williams
“As Rick Moody says in its introduction: “The Changeling, which is rich with the arresting improbabilities of magic realism, with the surrealism of the folkloric revival (Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber was published about the same time), and with the modernist foreboding of Under the Volcano, would have seemed perfectly legible in 1973 when Gravity’s Rainbow was published, or Gaddis’s J.R. But the late seventies, with their punk rock nihilism and their Studio 54 fatuousness, were perhaps not properly situated to understand this variety of Joy Williams challenge. To their shame.” We’re over all that fatuousness now, though.”

Ad many more including: Amelia Gray, Kelly Link, Aimee Bender, Matt Bell, Laura Van den Berg, Karen Russell, Jeff VanderMeer, and Nalo Hopkinson.

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