Flash Fiction Online April 2014

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flash-fiction-online-issue-7-april-2014-coverIn less time than it takes to make a peanut butter and melted Peeps sandwich, you can read one of the excellent stories in Flash Fiction Online.

April’s issue encourages readers to contemplate what the solar system would be like as a carnival, whether it’s worth losing bad memories if the good ones disappear, too, and how a poor woman differs from the noble she imagines herself to be. This last piece, “I Imagine Myself as Rath Ducha” by Brynn MacNab, is particularly compelling for such a personal view of the sameness in disparate situations. Flash Fiction Online tends toward speculative fiction, but the editors promise they’ll publish well-written stories regardless of genre.

“Mrs. Darwin Has Visitors” by David Barber, was my favorite piece in March’s issue. In that story, Barber inadvertently makes the case that a 19th-century woman who wants to protect her family would do best to master the defensive arts, and not just the verbal ones. In February’s issue, “Love in the Time of Cthulhu,” Cassandra wants her speed dating session to land her the great Yog-Sothoth. Like any speed dater, she must overcome some disappointment, like when “the elder gods sent a proxy. How hard was it to show up for themselves?”

Flash Fiction Online’s drawings are worth contemplating before you dive into each story. Could March’s man-wolf possibly know someone named Red? What’s February’s fairy whispering to the fellow with the bushy mustache? There’s one way to find out. Flash Fiction Online is available DRM-free in single issues or as a 12-month subscription.

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