First and last for 2012

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In the same way that it can be fun to see the first and last word or sentence of a book, I thought it would be interesting to see what the first and last orders of 2012 were.

The very first book bought on Weightless in 2012 was for Ginn Hale’s incredibly popular novel Wicked Gentlemen and the very final one was Tansy Rayner Roberts’s alternate history collection Love and Romanpunk (“History is not what you think it is.”).

First and last sentences? Ok:

Wicked Gentlemen:

1st: “The night hung in tatters.”  Last: “It fit me well enough.”

Love and Romanpunk

1st: “Let us begin with the issue of most interest to future historians: I did not poison my uncle and husband, the Emperor Claudius.” Last: “Where do we start?

Ha! Both of those are fantastic. (Although the second sentences are even better than the first.)

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