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Fireside Magazine – Issue 1 (pre-order) cover

Next week’s going to be a big week here: we’re going to be adding 100+ titles from the fab West Coast publisher PM Press. You might know them from their novella+ books they’ve published by Ursula K. Le Guin, Cory Doctorow, and more, but they publish tons more. Last Christmas I gave someone Pistoleros!: The Chronicles of Farquhar McHarg — how can you wrong with the real story of a Glasgow boy dropped by chance into Barcelona’s revolutionary underworld at end of the Great War—and now writing his memoirs as fast as he can because he fears he’s next on the assassin’s list? They have tons of great books on their list and we’re proud to be bringing them to you, as ever!, DRM-free.

Over the next week or two we’ll be adding something like 500(!) Wildside Press titles. A lot of them are titles that it is awesome that they are in available as ebooks. More on those as we get them online. (For publishers only: we’re now working with Ingram CoreSource, so we can now get your titles from them. Ooh!)

And: we just added a new magazineFiresidewhich will launch on April 17th.

I first heard of Fireside’s Kickstarter campaign on a blog (Genreville?) and figured it would be worth supporting and I was happy to be one of 254 backers who pledged $7,000+ to get the first issue out the door. Of course once there was one issue . . . there had to be another, so now we are also selling subscriptions (which only seem to be $8 for 4 issues, which is 50% off the issue price, just saying . . . ).

While I’ve been slowly writing this post Fireside has been outselling Irregulars. Will it be able to keep up the pace? It’s a challenge!

Anyway, it’s the weekend (well, in publishing Friday afternoon = the weekend) so I hope y’all have something good to read!


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  1. Steve says:

    Interesting about Coresource. Now I wonder if Lethe should enroll.

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