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I know that in the lonnggg years since Wicked Gentlemen came out, a lot of readers have been waiting for Ginn Hale‘s new book. The good news is that her huge new novel, Lord of the White Hell comes out in print next week—although it’s so big it’s a two-parter, and the second part comes out in September. It won’t be out as an ebook for a while but for the nonce we have the next best thing: an exclusive ebook of her novella Feral Machines from the Tangle anthology.

This week sharp-eyed readers might have noticed some updates around here. A neat one is the addition of Google Previews: this means that any book on Weightless (or at least for now, those with ISBNs) that’s also in the massive Googleplex database—such as Hiding Out or Redemption in Indigo—can now be previewed on the site. Yay for excerpts and browsing!

We tidied up the sidebar so that you can instantly get results for authors/titles/&c. and added a featured book at the top—starting things off with that bestselling Wicked Gentlemen seemed like a good idea. We also have a “lifetime” bestseller list running in the sidebar. That should change over time into a weekly list, but for now it’s a note on the overall bestsellers on the site. Sort of wacky to see that LCRW 22 is on there. But, hey, great ish of a great zine.

Next week, no promises, but we hope to have Fairy Tale Review for you. It’s a beautiful journal full of excellent stories and art—there may even be a free issue you can check out first. And soon we’ll have the new Daily Planner 2011 and Karen Joy Fowler’s awesome collection of stories, What I Didn’t See (get the print book here). But those are all the future: for now, enjoy Feral Machines!

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