Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology TK. In the meantime, these:

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Divining Divas: 100 Gay Men on Their MusesWow! Our International Anti-DRM Day 1/2 day sale was super popular. Just shows that there is a huge market for DRM-free books, especially if the price is low low low. We sold hundreds of books and I hope took the DRM-free word out to a whole new audience. Thanks as ever for spreading the word about Weightless.

Today we sent out the latest issue of N. Carolina-based Bull Spec as well as posting a triplet of fascinating Lethe Press books, including Divining Divas: 100 Gay Men on Their MusesWe also added a couple more Wildside megapacks—they are just flying out of here. They’re almost free, so it shouldn’t really be a surprise.

Other books that are doing well: another of Lethe’s recent titles, Point of Hopes: A Novel of Astreiant by Melissa Scott & Lisa Barnett and Andrea Hairston’s Tiptree Award winner, Redwood and Wildfire

We’re always happy to hear from you—reviews are welcome in the comments—about new publishers you’d like us to add or new features.

And, did you see these excellent Kickstarter projects?

  1. Ann and Jeff VanderMeer and PM Press are working with Jef Smith of Think Galactic to  put together a Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology.
  2. The Baffler magazine is relaunching—with fiction from Kim Stanley Robinson, Chris N. Brown, Lyudmila Petrushevskaya (translated by Anna Summers) and tons of smart nonfiction. I loved—and was successfully baffled by—The Baffler in its previous incarnations so I am bouncing with happiness that it is returning.
  3. John Joseph Adams, editor of Lightspeed and all those huge anthologies, is going to edit a horror magazine! Back Nightmare Magazine and get ahead of the curve.

2 Responses to “Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology TK. In the meantime, these:”

  1. Thaddeus602 says:

    I would love to see you guys add Night Shade Books as a publisher. I know they already sell DRM-free books through the Baen website, but I wonder if they would be interested in expanding their retailing reach.


    • Gavin says:

      Hi Thaddeus, we’ve talked to them a little bit about it. Thanks for the nudge, will ping them again and see what they say.

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