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Electric Velocipede issue #15/16 cover - click to view full sizeYay and verily we can at last recommend that ye get on your electronical bike—aka your Electric Velocipede—and take a quick spin through some back issues. The excellent John Klima just sent us a couple of double issues: 15/16, 17/18, and a couple of singletons—19 and 20—as well as the latest ish, No. 23. Check out Thom Davidsohn’s excellent cover art for each issue here. Electric Velocipede has always been a really visual mag so I hope you enjoy the design as well as the contents.

For fans of DRM-free stuff (and who isn’t? Did you see O’Reilly sold 22K ebooks on DRM-free day? Awesome!), here’s a link to Defective by Design’s page of DRM-free suggestions.

We also added more Wildside Press titles as well as Rebecca Ore’s Becoming Alien trilogy, newly released as ebooks by Aqueduct Press. (They have a bunch of books I need to pick up, can’t decide whether to get print or ebook. Ha!)

Thaddeus suggested we add Night Shade Books, so we’ll give them a shout and see what they say. Night Shade are another press with a bunch of books I need to pick up! Wish I were going to WisCon where I’d be able to get them from some fave booksellers in the dealer’s room. Something I hope to do for years, no matter how popular ebooks—and this lovely site—become.

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