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The Stress of Her Regard cover - click to view full sizeYep, that’s us. While some superpowered gorilla WalMartian internet superstore is out there holding books hostage and trying to push bigger and bigger discounts on its suppliers, we are selling books. I like it! Tachyon Publications (and hundred of other publishers) are in the unhappy position of having the buy button disappear on their books on Amazon. The good news for Tachyon: their books are still available on Indiebound, bn.com, Google, and of course, here!

Which is good news if you are jonesing after the latest Tim Powers novel, Hide Me Among the Graves, but want to check out the sort of related The Stress of Her Regard first. Or if you want to get stuck into Booklife, Stable Strategies, or call up The Bible Repairman, you can.

This here hostage-taking of buy buttons is one of the reasons Weightless exists. The free market says Amazon can do what they want to their suppliers . . . and their suppliers can do what they want, too.

Which means we can make the books available here, here, here, and not worry if they take them away there, there, there. La de da. Happy Monday!

3 Responses to “DRM-free non-hostage ebooks”

  1. Goetz says:

    It would be cool, if this translates to more Tachyon (and Subterranean) titles available here on weightless! I would love to buy them (again, as I have quite some in paper…) in ebook, but just not with DRM… Both seem to have more ebooks on b&n than here…

  2. Gavin says:

    Hi Goetz! We’ll definitely be adding more Tachyon books—not sure about Sub Press. They are busy, busy, but as the store gains more readers I think we should be able to add more.


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