Here’s what’s coming:

November: Apex Magazine is going to do a subscription drive. Subscriptions will be 25% off and there will be prizes galore. Also, if they get 200 subscribers (or re-subscribers) there will be a draw for a Nook Color.

I forgot to ever update the result of the Lightspeed subscription drive. We sent out hundreds of copies of Federations and  The Way of the Wizard and this week (You’re late! Me? Always. Sorry.) we gave the 1o randomly selected winners (Michael, Angela, Andrew, Frederick, John, Mark, Karen, stephen, Dave, and Carol) LCRW subscriptions as well as copies of Couch and Interfictions 2. They’ll also receive some Prime Books and T-shirts are being mailed out now.

Now: we’re launching a drive to get new Weightless affiliates! Sign up now and you will earn a 20% commission for sales coming from your click throughs from now to December 31, 2011. Existing affiliates have already had their commissions raised! After December 31st, commission levels will go to 10%.

Weightless is a DRM-free, device agnostic alt.indiepress ebooksite and we want to spread the word. Please do link to the site, follow us on twitter, spread the word, and all those other things we all do to show that there doesn’t have to be on monolithic company ruling everything we do.

Oh yeah, Boston Book Festival (where me and my wife, Kelly Link will have a booth [#12] and be on a steampunk panel with Holly Black and Miss Grymm!), Yaoi-Con, and World Fantasy Convention attendees should look out for a Weightless postcard. Why? Because it will be worth it!

3 Responses to “Driving”

  1. Mark says:

    I’m the “Mark.” I’m really enjoying “Couch” and have read a little bit of LCRW and the Interfictions and am enjoying them too.

    And I really really like the Lightspeed subscription that kicked it all off. I think I’ll give Apex a try too.

    Thanks for the great products and prizes. This is becoming a web site that I check frequently.

  2. angelawb says:

    Sorry to be late with my thank you post.
    But thank you for my prizes.
    (I can’t remember the last time I won anything.)

    I was really happy with the LCRW subscription.
    I only recently bought a copy to try it out.
    And now I have a free subscription. Yeah!

    And of course the Fantasy and Lightspeed magazine subscriptions are cool as well.

    Will probably sign up for Apex as well.
    I like your site more and more.
    (My credit card does not agree with this sentiment.)

  3. Gavin says:

    Angela, so glad you are enjoying LCRW! Sorry your credit card does not agree, but at least there are lots of freebies during the subscription drives!

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