December 31st sale: 33% off everything


To celebrate the end of 2011 we’re having a 33% off everything sale.

No, we won’t chop the last third off the book you’ve ordered, for 24 hours (until 11:59 p.m. EST on December 31st, 2011), we’re chopping 1/3 off the price!

The sale will last as long as this here almost-dead-and-gone year and it will be 366 days (2012 being a leap year) until we even think of doing it again.

So: thanks for reading, thanks for buying, and most of all thanks for spreading the word about this tiny and growing D R M-free ebookstore. We appreciate it!

And, of course, Happy New Year!


After the Apocalypse Fairy Tale Review Special  Apex Magazine Issue 31

Rifter 10: His Holy Bones Wicked Gentlemen Lightspeed Magazine Issue 19


The White City Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #85 Secret Lives

3 Responses to “December 31st sale: 33% off everything”

  1. combarro says:

    I’ve just bought a subscription to Clarkesworld. I had 14 issues remaining and these 12 new issues still don’t show up in my library. Should I wait a few days?


    And happy new year!!!

    • Michael says:

      When I look on your library page it says you have 26 issues remaining. Looking back at your order history that seems correct to me. Maybe you were looking at a cached browser page? Let me know if I’m wrong! Happy new year to you too!

  2. combarro says:

    It is correct now, thanks. It was wrong for an hour or so. I guess I was too eager and the database needed some time to refrsh or something.


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