Cory Doctorow on Hachette, DRM, and locking down the books

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Cory has a great piece in The Guardian on how Hachette scored an own goal by asking/agreeing to Amazon’s DRMing their ebooks which leaves all those who bought Hachette ebooks tied into their Kindle.

I am no fan of Amazon’s scorched earth policies: they want to relentlessly drive everyone else out of business and convince people (we are individuals! not just customers!) to funnel all their choices through them. I can’t imagine how horrible it would be to have an Amazon phone giving me a buy button on everything. Ack. They are akin to WalMart in their negotiations: every year they go back and ask for higher discounts from suppliers, which, believe me, if pretty painful from a publisher perspective.

We welcome all readers here: those who’ve been reading online for decades and those to whom reading on a screen is a whole new frontier. Many of our readers know how to move ebooks around, convert their books into different formats if needed, and redownload them if they have a new reading device. One of the main reasons Weightless exists is that we wanted to make sure indie publishers have a DRM-free, worldwide reader-friendly option to sell their books. As Amazon gets tougher and tougher on their suppliers, it becomes more obvious how important it is to have options.

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