Beneath Ceaseless Skies Fall Subscription Drive

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Ladies and gentlemen, as promised, the Beneath Ceaseless Skies fall subscription drive begins now!

To celebrate the fourth anniversary of BCS and the release of The Best of BCS, Year Three, we’re having a sale on BCS subscriptions and anthologies. Subscribe to one year of Beneath Ceaseless Skies–26 issues including the upcoming 4th anniversary double issue for only $13.99, still the best deal on Weightless–anytime between now and Friday, October 12th, OR buy the brand new The Best of BCS, Year Three between now and October 19th, and at the end of the event we’ll send everybody their choice of The Best of BCS, Year One or The Best of BCS, Year Two, free!

Beneath Ceaseless Skies, should you not have been aware, is a bi-weekly magazine of Literary Adventure Fantasy edited by the wise and tireless Scott H. Andrews, which Rich Horton has called “a really important source of fantasy” and Lou Anders said was “rapidly becoming my favorite short fiction magazine of all time”. The amount of fiction they’ve put out into the world, not even counting the monthly fiction podcasts, is just staggering, and there’s nobody else printing stories quite like these. So if you haven’t been taking advantage, now’s the time!

And to sweeten the pot, if BCS reaches 100 new subscriptions, counting both new subscribers and renewals, before the allotted time runs out, one lucky randomly-selected subscriber will….

Win a free Kindle!

Yeah, you heard right. Free. If you’re lucky. Yes, we’ve done ereader giveaways before–but never with a Kindle. And, who knows, maybe never again. So get in while you can!

This means you’ll be able to get all 26 issues of your new BCS subscription delivered straight to your nightstand, fireside rocking chair, hammock, or wherever else you happen to be reading, without your having to lift a finger. Amazing, I know.

Oh, and by the way, if you happen to have subscribed to BCS already this month, don’t worry, you’re grandfathered in.

3 Responses to “Beneath Ceaseless Skies Fall Subscription Drive”

  1. sohkamyung says:

    The Kindle, as sold by Amazon, is only available in certain regions like the US, UK, etc. Worse, attempts to load Amazon content on the Kindle in unsupported regions may not work.

    You may want to add this proviso into the announcement of the contest. Otherwise, the (possible non-US) winner of the Kindle may not be very happy with the free gift (unable to load extra content).

    • Michael says:

      Sohkamyung, thanks for this reminder. We promise to mail the Kindle anywhere in the world to whoever wins, and of course you can still load Weightless content on a Kindle wherever you are. That said, if the winner would prefer a different kind of ereader, we can make that happen.

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